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Choose your taste of Curtis tea

Choose your taste of Curtis tea

A mood to dream - berry-flavoured tea

Is your perfect me-moment to snuggle up in a cozy blanket, light your favourite candles and daydream a little? This romantic ambience will be perfectly paired with berry-flavoured teas. In the Curtis collection, you'll find blends with bright berry flavours. Ceylon Barberry Melody tea with the taste of barberry and the sweet aroma of caramel will remind you of summer and inspire you to travel. Blue Berries Blues black tea combines notes of currants, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries - you will dare to realize your wildest dreams with this flavour.

Try the other berry flavours of Curtis tea:

Energize yourself with citrus flavoured tea

When things are falling apart, it seems like nothing can save the day. What you really need is a reboot! Enjoy a citrus flavoured tea and feel the burst of energy!

Sunny Lemon black tea with citrus peel and sunflower petals is an energy boost for the whole day in one cup. Sunny lemon in Curtis tea will help you keep a positive attitude even in a stressful situation.

Before the party, cocktail flavoured tea

Going to the long-awaited party? While you do your makeup and hair, play your favourite song and sing along to the lead singer of the band. Tune yourself to the wave of music to be the brightest on the dance floor! The best continuation of this composition would be the Curtis tea flavoured with famous cocktails. Fresh Mojito tea with mint and lime zest is refreshing with the energizing aroma of the famous Mojito cocktail!

Find your favourite cocktail flavoured tea in the Curtis collection:

Relax after a day's work - green aromatic tea

Imagine your usual after-hours activities. You came home, got changed, opened Instagram... Whoa, something's already gone wrong. Don't scroll through the news feed if you want to relax. Better yet, make Milk Oolong tea with a delicate creamy flavour and take that time to yourself. Color mandalas, look at old printed pictures, or make a wish card.

Enjoy the sweet life - tea with dessert taste

Meet the Curtis dessert collection:

Inspire for new achievements - tea with exotic fruit flavour

Usually ideas come to us when we learn something new. Discover the unusual flavours of Curtis tea and you will be inspired. White Bountea white tea flavoured with exotic dragon fruit with apple chunks and rose petals will give you breakthrough ideas!

Indulge yourself with Curtis tea flavoured with exotic fruits:


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